When i went to the conference last year my heart was broken . I honestly didn't think I could keep going I was ready to throw my hands up and go back to my old life of drugs and alcohol ! I was in a cloud of depression.  My past kept haunting me and making me feel I was not good enough for God's love ! Lord did that all change the two nights of the conference . My heart was forever changed!  God does not care about my past at all.  I was able to see my past is my testimony and  that one day I can use to help others through rough situations! Remember, God truly does change ashes to beautiful things !   -Liz Wilson, Jacksonville, NC

Last year was the first women's conference I have ever attended.  It was AMAZING...the entire weekend!  When I left Saturday afternoon, I felt so renewed in God's love for me!  The music-the testimonies-God's spirit was truly "in the house"!!  -Becky Sewell, Stella, NC

It was such a great time with friends and family.  But some of the great things about last year, were that I was able to spend it with my mom, who is still battling cancer. It was so great to see her hugging people, and celebrating The Lord and what He has done in her life. She always says that cancer will not kill her. God knew when she was to be born, and He knew when she was to die. Cancer is just a part of her journey here on Earth. God will call her home when He sees fit, and not before. She is  a true living testimony to our promises we have in our Savior! 
Also, I was able to share such a great time with a young girl who has become like a daughter to me and my husband. She went with me to the conference, and ran with us at the run. She experienced God in a truly new way.  Our church that we attend is more traditional, and although I personally have been to different worship services, she had not. This girl has inspired me, because although her parents do not attend church, she has been called by God, and feels Him in her heart daily. She drives herself to church, and truly longs for the Word. I was so proud that she even wanted to go and be with us "old ladies"! Lol!!!   It was so wonderful to see Candida and Nikki serving The Lord the way they do. What an amazing example for me to share with my Kiersten.  I am so excited to go again this year, and I hope more of my friends and family go. 
Love what you are doing!!!!       -Susanne Sanders, Jacksonville, NC

I went to the Faith & Beauty Conference to support my friend, Candida. Little did I know that God intended me to be there and hear the inspirational music and the heart warming testimonials. I was exactly where I was supposed to be...getting blessed by God's words and the women who attended this conference. My heart and soul was warmed by the Faith & Beauty Conference.       -Julie Beck, Mount Olive, NC

I've been trying to figure a word to describe this experience for me.  After thinking about this for a couple of days, I can't come up with just one word. "Life Changing, Unbelievable, and Overwhelming".   I have always been a church goer, but after the Eastern Faith and Beauty Conference in Swansboro, I can't get enough.  I know there is so much more out there for me.  I have to Thank Candida and Nikki for this experience.  The speaking was so touching and meaningful.  All of the speakers were right on with their words of wisdom.  The worship was so amazing, I could not sit down, and I didn't want to.  I did not want to miss anything. They made you feel so special, and made every woman in the place feel loved and beautiful.  The feeling I had when I left there, was I want to be a part of this next year. I don't want to just be in the crowd.  I loved it.  It started on Friday night, and I was so pumped I could not sleep.  Then so excited to go "RUN TO HIM" the next morning.  My whole weekend revolved around the conference, and after Friday night, I wouldn't have had it any other way.  And oh, did they bring the word and worship on Saturday also, yes, unbelievable.  This was an experience I will never forget, and I have looked forward to the next Eastern Faith and Beauty Conference in Swansboro every since.  My mother, daughter and I went together, when we left there, we were untouchable with love of Jesus, for that I want to THANK you.  Looking forward to May 15 -16. Can't wait.    Eagerly waiting- Jerri Jo Miller, Cedar Point, NC


Faith and Beauty 2014 was one of those God filled experiences that deeply touched my life and heart. From the high energy praise and worship, the speakers who shared God's word and love, to the beauty of watching a crowd of women come forward pouring their hearts out and saying "yes" to the Lord.  I can't wait for Faith and Beauty 2015 and know it's going to be an amazing God filled experience for all! - Traci Klein, Surf City, NC