God began speaking to me about this conference and imparting it into my spirit in 2011. As the months went by, it continually kept coming up in me and confirmed all around me this is what I am to do. Through his word mainly, at work with my massage clients,and through friends and family.  God kept showing me Jeremiah 33:3. "Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know." Sometimes God has to slap us over the head to get our attention and after a while...you finally "Get It!" As God's voice became louder and more clearer to me, I battled with walking out this conference, mainly for personal and fleshly reasons. In mid September 2013, I consulted with a friend on the idea of the conference and how to get some things in place, and he just happened to have some paperwork on how to get a tourism grant through our town.  As he handed this to me, I knew God was saying, "Go get this done!" As I drove away, this little voice said,"This is too big of an event for you to do." Then I heard God say, "Of course it is..that is why I am doing it and you just need to take baby steps, I will do the rest."  I had only two weeks to apply for grant and decide whether or not I was going to do what God says do. Again, I battled. I put the paperwork on my refrigerator...and stared at it for two weeks. The day before the deadline, I filled it out and prepared the details the best I knew, and turned it in.  I said, "Ok Lord, if this is meant to be, you will make it happen."  I then contacted the Swansboro Rotary Civic Center to check on availability. When God showed me this vision originally, he said to hold it at this venue, and do it in the month of May, in the spring.  God will be very specific.  This venue is pretty popular to say the least, so they tell me the only availability was June 6th.  I say, "No, I really want to have it in May, specifically May 16-17".  But, I booked what was open and TRUSTED God.  About two weeks later, I stopped by to pay the deposit and was told May 16-17 was now open and we were free to have that date! Praise the Lord!! I laughed and celebrated because I knew he was just testing me.  A week later, I was invited to the tourism board meeting and I presented the 1st Annual Eastern NC Faith & Beauty Women's Conference.  I was incredibly nervous, didn't have hardly anything at this point to share with them, but I had FAITH!  I presented the information and was approved for the deposit amount to get the venue locked in! Hallelujah! God is so good!  

In January, the tourism board had their meeting in which I attended to be approved for the rest of the grant.  I presented the details, and was approved for the remaining amount. (Although the gentleman on the board were sad they could not attend....)   :)